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The Ultimate BBQ Bundle - Steaks or Chicken

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First choose your Steak or Chicken Package:
6 Sirloin Strip (1 box)
6 Ribeye (1 box)
6 Filet Mignon (1 box)
6 New York Strips (1 box)
6 Chicken Italian (1 box)
6 Chicken Southwestern (1 box)
6 Chicken Lemon Pepper (1 box)
6 Chicken Roasted (1 box)
6 Chicken Natural (1 box)
Choose a side:
Potato Salad
Italian Pasta Salad
Macaroni Salad
Baked Beans
Choose an appetizer:
Frozen Shrimp Ring
Buffalo Wings
Choose a dessert:
2lbs of Strawberries
1lb New York Style Cheesecake


Everything you'll need for a family cook out is included. First choose your steaks - a box of 6 sirloin strips, or 6 ribeyes, or 6 filet mignon or 6 New York Strips. Rather have chicken? Choose any one of our boxes of 6 chicken breasts (Italian, southwestern, lemon pepper, roasted or natural). Then choose your side from potato salad, Italian pasta salad, macaroni salad or baked beans. You can choose an appetizer of a frozen shrimp ring or buffalo wings. Ready for dessert? Choose either 2 lbs of strawberries or a 1 pound New York style cheesecake.


Includes: Paper plates, napkins & plastic ware for 6 people.

Have something different in mind? Contact us to create your own combination.

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