Cannon Top Shelf Steak Package A steak lovers dream - This premium package contains select, lean beef favorites that are sure to ea.. Product #: STKS-001 Regular price: $169.00 $169.00 28

Top Shelf Steak Package

Product Code: STKS-001
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Price: $180.83

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Package Includes :

6 Filet Mignon  5oz
6 Ribeye  7oz
6 New York Strips  7oz
4 Kansas City Strips  9oz
6 Sirloin Strips  7oz
18 Hamburgers  1/4lb



When you’re ready to go grillin’ you’ll want a selection of favorites to suit every taste. From our filet mignon to our hamburgers, even the novice cook can get four star reviews with with this package. One taste and we're sure you'll agree. Marie Farms is the best beef you can buy!

Note: Marie Farms products are never over-processed to make them all the same. Each individual serving will vary in size slightly, but the average will be the one we list.

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