Cannon Grill-Master Chicken Package Before the secret grilling techniques... Before the secret sauce... Before it all, comes the chicken.. Product #: CHKN 001 Regular price: $149.00 $149.00 42

Grill-Master Chicken Package

Product Code: CHKN 001
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Package Includes :

6   Southwestern/Mesquite 6oz
6 Italian Bruschetta 6oz
6 All Natural 6oz
6 Roasted 6oz
6 Lemon Pepper 6oz
1 Tenderloin Fritters 3lb



You will never wait while your chicken breasts marinate overnight with Marie Farms. Ours are already seasoned with an excellent assortment of flavors for you. From Mesquite to Lemon Pepper, this tasty package has something for everyone!

Note: Marie Farms products are never over-processed to make them all the same. Each individual serving will vary in size slightly, but the average will be the one we list.

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