Our company is named for the matriarch of our family, Marie Edwards, or as she was known by her many loving grandchildren, Nana.

Nana grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky during the Depression years and always lived out the traditional values she learned there. Ideas like: keep things as simple as possible; always be honest; don’t skimp on quality; don’t waste your money; don’t show off; and always be polite.

These are the ideals we use to guide everything we do at Marie Farms. In fact, when we’re trying to make a decision about things someone usually winds up saying, “Well, you know what Nana would say…” and that pretty much ends the debate right there.

Good, quality products. Value you can believe in. Taking the time to do it right. We want you to love everything you get from us. Nana wouldn’t have it any other way.

We personally deliver your purchase

Try Marie Farms and you can forget about that trip to the store to buy something for supper. Call us and place an order and we’ll deliver it to your door, let you inspect the meat before we leave so you know you’ll be satisfied. Stuck at work and don’t need your delivery until you get home? No problem for Marie Farms. We work with you to have your delivery when you get home. Planning a big barbecue or company grill out? Let us show up at your site so you don’t have to carry everything.

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* Free delivery inside the I-275 loop