What's the advantage of using Marie Farms?

We're here to make the shopping experience easy. Instead of buying a few pieces of meat over and over and over, let us bring you a large assortment of the steak, chicken and seafood you already like. That's saves you time, money and frustration with shopping. We take all of the hassle out of the experience. Plus, we guarantee you'll love our products. We want you to think of us every time you want to purchase meats.

Do I have to buy an entire case of steaks, chicken or seafood? 

No, although that is your best value. If you only want select steaks, we can do that for you. There is a 3-box minimum. Use the sidebar Contact form or call to arrange for a custom package.

Does Marie Farms guarantee its products? 

Yes. We stand behind every product we bring you. That’s why we let you inspect it when we deliver it to you. If it’s not what you expected, we’ll either make it right with you or issue a full refund, no questions asked.

What is your timeframe for delivery after purchase?

When you place your order you’ll get a call to confirm it and arrange a time for delivery. We always prefer at least a day in advance so we can schedule time to give you personal service, but if you need a faster delivery we’ll do it with 4 hours notice.

Do I have to be at home when you deliver?

Yes. We’d hate to leave your order and have it spoil by being outside. We will deliver at a time that fits your schedule to make it as convenient as possible.

Could you supply everything for a large party or company event?

Marie Farms would be happy to help you with your planning! Simply contact us and tell us how many people will be there and we'll talk about the menu and pricing for you. Then, just fire up your grill and set up the tables and we'll bring all of the food you need.

Can I pay COD?

No. All purchases must be prepaid through PayPal using the four major credit cards.

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* Free delivery inside the I-275 loop